“For me, real estate scouting is the strategic skill of spotting lucrative investment opportunities combined with the feeling for the right implementation momentum.

My values: Abundance, connection, energy.

I consider each property holistically and focus on its individual potential. In both the “added-value” segment as well as the classic “advisory mandates”, I immerse my thoughts and
feelings in the abundance of possibilities of the particular value creation process. At this point, creativity and empiricism are also valuable companions.

In the real estate field, digital processes play an increasing role in the action chain. Personally, I take great pleasure in direct dialogue and dealings with my clients. My personal network makes it possible for me to get personally involved in meeting their needs.

I always process my clients’ wishes timeously and with focus. I moderate the energy that arises in the transaction process and guide it with the highest concentration and dynamicism to achieve the goal.”

Konstantin Wettig completed his MBA (BWL_Studium in Hamburg).
Already while he was studying, he worked as assistant to the co-founder of one of the largest European real estate brokerage companies today. Some of his comprehensive expertise and his valuable network were formed congenially during his 15 years as managing partner of a well-known German real estate company.

Konstantin Wettig founded KW Real Estate in the spring of 2014. His company specialises in real estate scouting and consulting with investors, especially in the field of obtaining planning permission, recompression or the idea of new, combined living and working spaces.

Konstantin has been working together closely with Azury Living GmbH since 2021. Azury specialises in digital marketing processes for high-quality residential properties in Europe.